The Super Yummy Kitchen – Chartwells: Series One Resources

Series One: Super Delicious – Super Yummy Snacks

Simply delicious, Super yummy with Chef Andrew Walker, Chef Allegra McEvedy MBE of CBeebies and Junior MasterChef fame and the Chartwells nutrition team of UKVRN Registered Nutritionists (RNutrs) and Registered Associate Nutritionists (ANutrs).

Below is a collection of cook-a-long videos for you to work your way through at home, combined with some fun paper based activities that link to the curriculum to support home schooling and even a helpful guide for the grown-ups for each session!

Why not share your selfie pizza creation or your bean dance online? Just remember to include the hashtag #LockdownNutrition so we can see your wonderful creations, and if you are under 13 make sure you get an adult to post on your behalf.


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 Unicorn Hummus

Who doesn’t love pink food?! A perfect and easy snack for the kids learn how to make, and eat with vegetable sticks, like carrots, cucumbers or peppers!

Cheesy Marmite Twists

People love it or hate it – but this you’ll LOVE when it’s combined with cheese into homemade cheesy marmite twists!

Sunshine Toast

Chef Allegra McEvedy shows you how to create homemade sunshine toast! A really fun one for the kids to do and get creative with.

Tomato Sauce

This tomato sauce really can be used for anything – in pasta, on a pizza, in a Bolognese or lasagne, anything!

Selfie Pizzas

Chef Andrew shows you how to create a homemade selfie pizza! There are so many different ways to make this recipe, and will work with lots of different bases including pittas or wraps. Join in and be creative.

Giant Snail Island

A creative snack the kids will love! Chef Allegra shows you how to create your own giant snail island to make and then enjoy – perfect for a picnic in the garden!

Knickerbocker Pouree

Create a super fruity homemade Knickerbocker Pouree! Try to get the kids using a rainbow of different fruit in this one – the more colours the better!

Rainbow Rice with Fluffy Egg Clouds

Have you ever wondered how to make super colourful rainbows in the kitchen – with food? Chef Andrew shows you how to create homemade Rainbow Rice, with Fluffy Egg

Mexican Toastie

Fancy making a flavour explosion in the kitchen? Chef Allegra shows you how to create homemade Mexican Toasties!

Barry Beans Cheesy Mash

Who doesn’t love cheesy beans? Chef Andrew shows you how to be creative and create our very own Food Super Hero!

Crunchy Munchy Ice Bites

A perfect snack for a warm day outside with the whole family! Chef Andrew shows you how to create your own crunchy munch ice bites!

Fluffy Cheesy Potato Pillow

Chef Allegra shows how to create light and Fluffy Cheesy Potato Pillows – a perfect snack for the afternoon!

Veggie Tasty Triangles

Chef Andrew shows you a tasty snack not just suitable for vegetarians, but a great way to introduce new flavours too.