Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an ongoing, structured combination of learning activities through which Registered Nutritionists maintain and extend their knowledge and skills for lifelong professional competence. CPD can take many forms, from short courses to conferences, seminars and lectures, reading of scientific journals. CPD can be delivered electronically, via a website, video or an App; it can include a site visit or open learning.

Registered Nutritionists should plan, record, evaluate and reflect upon their professional development in order to remain safe to practice. CPD also helps Registered Nutritionists demonstrate commitment to their career and enhance their employment related knowledge, skills and understanding.

All Registered Associate Nutritionists should be undertaking CPD with a view to upgrading to Registered Nutritionist status within 3-5 years after receiving Associate status.

If you’re not yet a Registered Nutritionist or Registered Associate Nutritionist but are thinking of becoming one then you also need to start to think of CPD – the earlier you get into the habit of recording CPD activities you take part in, and planning your personal development, the better! You will then already be able to show how you act as a professional in the nutrition field. You may also find it helps you to plan your own development, and it can show what you could work on next to improve your skills further.

To read about the CPD requirements for UKVRN registrants, please click here.

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