CPD Requirements for UKVRN Registrants

Continual Professional Development is a cornerstone to ensuring that UKVRN registrants remain up to date with scientific and professional developments, as well as extending their skill set. It is fundamental to providing public benefit and underpins the trust the public, employers, colleagues, stakeholders and the media can have in both individuals and the profession as a whole.

Following a consultation on the ‘Endorsed CPD Scheme‘ with registrants and stakeholders, an annual CPD requirement for registrants in October 2019, with random audits to be undertaken from October 2020 renewals onwards.  

CPD Requirement

  • A minimum of 30hrs a year, from a variety of different types of activities.
  • Over 3 years, CPD activities must cover all 5 Core Competency areas.

The consultation concluded that this requirement applies to individuals in all employment settings and whether full or part-time.

Who it applies to?

  • All Registered Nutritionists (RNutr)  
  • Registered Associate Nutritionists (ANutr) who (first) registered more than 4 years ago

Who will not be selected for audit?

  • ANutrs who registered less than 4 years ago must still undertake sufficient CPD to remain competent. However they will not be subject to selection for audit, as CPD records will be assessed as part of transfer to RNutr applications.
  • Individuals who are on a career break and have inactive status due to parental or medical leave etc. will not be subject to audit selection during the period of leave (max. 24mths).
  • Those holding RNutr (retired) status – this is in line with the practice limitations of this registration category.

Who will be audited?

A 5% selection rate was deemed to be appropriate following conclusion of the consultation. Selection will be undertaken twice a year, with the audit year matching the registration year for the individual (Apr-Mar / Oct-Sept).

What information needs to be recorded?

Although what you may wish to record will vary slightly between different types of activities, as a minimum you should look to record:

  • Date
  • Activity Title/Description
  • Type of Activity
  • Duration of Activity (in hours)
  • Evidence of Activity (e.g. attendance certificate, your presentation, link to paper etc.)
  • Reflection on the Activity
  • Which Core Competencies the activity covered

Where should I record my CPD?

You can use whichever system you prefer to record your CPD, providing you can submit this to the AfN should you be selected for audit and it can contain the information identified above. Therefore if you use a system at work, use an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets document you may choose to continue with this. Alternatively you can record your CPD in your account on the AfN website. When you log into your account, you can record CPD activities at the bottom of your dashboard.

More support

Registrants can see a presentation on CPD that covers the requirements, review, types of CPD, reflection and recording activities –  click here.