AfN Discourse

Since 2013 AfN has held a discourse event. This provides an opportunity to present the spectrum of work undertaken by registrants and the benefit they have gained by being a Registered Nutritionist.

2023 – #NutritionIsAScience: Supporting nutrition during a cost-of-living crisis

2022 – Fellows Talk: Impact of diet on the gut microbiome in equine nutrition

2021 – #NutritionIsAScience: Creating a fairer, healthier future

2020 – #NutritionIsAScience: Rising To The Challenge

2019 – #NutritionIsAScience: From Inspiring to Inspired

2018 – #NutritionIsAScience – Celebrating the achievements of women in nutrition science in the year of #Votes100

2017 – At the front of the queue: Registrants role in emerging nutrition issues

2016 – Improving nutrition and health across the life-course

2015 – Farm to Fork: The impact of Registered Nutritionists across the food chain.

2014 – Professionalism in Sports Nutrition

2013 – Aligning to a common ethical code and set of values