How degree accreditation operates

The AfN Degree Accreditation scheme is governed on behalf of Council by the Accreditation Committee which adheres to the processes set out in the Accreditation Procedures.

The Committee usually meets twice a year to consider degree programme applications submitted for accreditation. Members include senior nutritionists with expertise in animal nutrition, food nutrition, nutrition science, public health nutrition, sports/exercise nutrition, research and professional education, the practice of nutrition and experience of employing nutritionists. The Chair of the Committee has a seat on AfN Council.

The duties of the Accreditation Committee are to act on behalf of the Association in order to:

  • appraise specific degree programmes in aspects of nutrition, the successful completion of which confers on a candidate a qualification which will be recognised as suitable to justify eligibility to apply for professional registration as a nutritionist by the Association
  • agree the acceptability of specific degree programmes for this purpose
  • review degree programmes on a regular basis, normally every five years.