ANutr via Portfolio

Becoming a Registered Associate Nutritionist by Portfolio Entry

How to apply:


Applications and payments are now submitted online via this website.  

Ensure that the file names for all the relevant evidence documents are numbered the same as on your mapping form and have been uploaded with your submission.

The evidence portion of ANutr Portfolios must not exceed the equivalent of 20 pages of A4 (therefore equaling a max of 40 digital pages). Do not send entire or large documents, but instead send just the relevant portion of the document.

Submissions without a payment will not be sent to the registration team for processing.

Please ensure that you use the same email address in the application form below and when providing your details for payment. Applications and payments are linked together by email address, and if these don’t match, your application could be delayed.

Please be aware that a sunset clause has been introduced to the ANutr Portfolio pathway for UK applicants. After 31st December 2025, this application pathway will no longer be available. Read more

Questions? If you need further help, please see our FAQ or email