Becoming a Registered Nutritionist via Experience in Evidence Based Nutrition (EEBN)

This route is for individuals with a minimum of 10 years’ practice experience in evidence-based nutrition at a senior level in industry, research, academia, sport, government, charity, NGO or health care settings.

If you have been practicing nutrition science but have less than 10-years of senior level experience, please read the page on applying for Registered Nutritionist via Portfolio application.

How to Apply:

Complete the online application form below,

    • including details of two referees (at least one referee must be a current UKVRN Registrant holding Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) status)
    • uploading your supporting statement, full CV and a certified copy of your photographic identification
    • making payment for your application processing and first years registration fees (£361 (+ £102 if applying for dual specialism))



Applications and payments are now submitted online via this website.   

Please ensure that you use the same email address in the application form below and when providing your details for payment. Applications and payments are linked together by email address, and if these don’t match, your application could be delayed.

Applications without payment will not be forwarded to the registration team for processing.

Please inform your referees of your application, as we will contact these shortly after receipt of your application and will not be able to send your portfolio to an assessor until references have been received and all other documentation has been confirmed as uploaded (certified ID, Full CV, supporting statement, any accompanying evidence & submission fee paid). Remember at least one of your referees is required to hold current registration at RNutr level, as they must have registration at the same level you are applying for. Therefore an ANutr cannot be used as your only referee with UKVRN registration.

ID and Degree Certificates/Transcripts can be certified as true copies of the original documents by any individual of professional standing, providing they are not related to you, do not live at the same address as yourself and is not a close personal friend.



If you need further help, please see our FAQ or email