AfN Course Certification

AfN Course Certification signals evidence-based training which meets ethical, scientific and quality standards, as defined in the Competence Frameworks in Nutrition (AfN 2012-2024).

The content of AfN Certified Courses have been independently assessed by experts in the field and carry one of our uniquely numbered AfN Certified Course logos – providing a clear demonstration to potential students and employers that the course is delivered to AfN’s high standards, using nutrition science information and concepts from recognised authorities to underpin the teaching.

AfN Certified Courses are ideal for individuals who deliver nutrition information to the public as a part of a job/volunteering role at level 3, 4 or 5+ on the Public Health and Skills Careers Framework, or at levels 1-4 of the RQF, and wish to update or extend their nutrition knowledge.

For information on applying for course certification – please click here

Please note:

AfN does not provide training courses itself, but provides quality assurance of the education activities of external training providers. The AfN Certified Courses on this website are provided by training providers independent of AfN.

Completion of an AfN Certified Course does not make an individual eligible for registration as either an Associate or Registered Nutritionist, nor does it qualify the individual as a Certified Diet Advisor, Nutrition Advisor, Weight Specialist, Nutrition Assistant or any other such title.