Applying for AfN Course Certification

AfN launched a certification scheme in 2012 with the aim of improving knowledge on nutrition in the wider workforce. Initially created for the Health & Social Care Sector, this was extended in 2016 to also provide certification for courses for those working or volunteering within catering or the fitness and leisure sectors. AfN delivered the scheme by assessing and approving courses and events that provided evidenced based training that met our ethical, scientific and quality standards, to people working in occupations connected to food. AfN has defined three frameworks against which courses and events have been assessed and there are currently over 30 certified courses.

To ensure that our certification scheme continues to operate effectively and meets its primary aim, we will be conducting a review of the scheme in 2020/2021. It is likely that we will make some changes to our certification scheme standards and processes as a result of this review. When the revised standards are launched applications for approval or re-approval will be considered under the new standards.

Due the scheme review, we have temporarily closed the Certification scheme to new applications. We will update this page when new applications are being accepted.

Courses that are currently certified by AfN will continue to be certified during the closed period. Courses that fall due for resubmission during the closed period (as part of the periodic review process) will have their current approvals extended until the review is completed.”


Please scroll down for information on the three different certification frameworks.

Application forms and additional info