Standards and Procedures for AfN Content Assurance for activities and resources to support the nutrition training of medical doctors


  1. The learning activity/resource must have clearly defined nutrition-based objectives linked to specific teaching points within the AfN Undergraduate Curriculum in Nutrition for Medical Doctors.
  2. The learning activity/resource must have content that is clearly referenced to scientific evidence and/or professional practice.
  3. The learning activity/resource must extend the nutrition knowledge and skills for lifelong professional competence of medical students.
  4. The learning activity/resource must be devised, managed and delivered by an appropriately qualified and experienced person (ANutr, RD or RNutr).
  5. The learning activity/resource and those developing/delivering this must do so in compliance with the AfN Standards of Ethics, Conduct and Practice.
  6. When the learning activity/resource is provided cross-discipline, it must be clear what information/advice within this is suitable for medical students and does not encourage practice outside of their scope of practice.
  7. The learning activity/resource must be relevant, useful, impartially delivered and reflective of current evidence. Where the learning activity/resource is offered or funded by a commercial company, the provider must be able to demonstrate how the learning activity goes beyond commercial boundaries to address wider issues.
  8. The learning activity/resource must be open to all, irrespective of gender, race, social class, disability, religion, marital status or sexual orientation.
  9. The learning activity/resource must be evaluated by the provider and applicants should describe how this will be achieved.
  10. Use of the AfN name, and AfN Content Assured logo must only be in accordance with the signed declaration of application and must be approved in advance in order to safeguard AfN’s reputation.
  11. The learning activity/resource must comply with the AfN quality assurance marketing rules


  1. Providers must complete the online application form, and provide by email a copy of:
    *   the activity/resource learning objectives
    *   programme/slide deck/content
    *   signed declaration by ANutr/RD/RNutr who has developed/delivering/reviewed the nutrition content of the learning activity/resource
    *   relevant assessment fee.
  2. AfN will acknowledge receipt of an application within seven working days and will undertake an initial accuracy and completion check of the application form (although not a check of the nutrition content). AfN staff will ask for any identifiable missing or incomplete information.
  3. An invoice for payment within 14 days will be issued (if applicable). Please note – the assessment fee is non-refundable.
  4. Once payment (if applicable) has been received, applications will be assessed by an AfN QA Assessor, and processed within 28 days (from date of payment receipt). Assessors may be required to ask AfN staff to obtain further clarification or information from the applicant in order to be able to make a final decision (although AfN will make every effort to keep within the 28 day processing time, this may be extended depending on the extent of information requested and the speed at which it is provided). A decision will be made to as to whether to content assure the learning activity/resource. The decision of AfN is final.
  5. If the assessment decision is not to content assure the learning activity/resource, full reasons for the decision will be provided to the applicant. The application can be resubmitted, however a new application fee will apply.
  6. If the decision is to content assure the learning activity/resource the provider may, in line with the AfN QA Marketing Rules, use the AfN name and AfN Content Assured logo for marketing the learning activity/resource. AfN will supply a unique numbered Content Assured logo.
  7. The provider must notify AfN of any changes to the learning activity/resource. Minor changes will not require any additional fee. A substantive change (i.e. more than 25%) will require a new application to be submitted.
  8. AfN will publicise the approved learning activity/resource on its website and in communications with medical schools.
  9. The provider must ensure that AfN has the correct information for web-listing, including contact details, description of the learning activity/resource and a weblink to the activity/resource, and must inform AfN promptly of any changes to contact details or links.