Sunset Clause for ANutr Portfolio Pathway

A sunset clause to the ANutr portfolio pathway was agreed to be introduced from January 2021 by the AfN Registration Committee and Council.

The removal of the ANutr portfolio pathway brings the AfN in line with other regulatory bodies, with ANutr entry only available following successful completion of an accredited degree programme or via a portfolio assessment for international applicants (& individuals who have successfully requested mitigating circumstances for late submission, for example due to illness).

To ensure current students/graduates on non-accredited degrees are not be unfairly disadvantaged, and to provide time for non-accredited programmes to submit accreditation applications, a 5-year sunset period was agreed. Therefore the ANutr Portfolio pathway will close on 31st December 2025. An ANutr International (& mitigating circumstances) Application pathway will remain open from 1st January 2026.

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