Sports and Activity Resources

All of the links below are to evidence-based nutrition resources related to sports and activity, which have been developed by, or in collaboration with, UKVRN Registered Nutritionists (RNutrs) or Registered Associate Nutritionists (ANutrs).

We will be continually adding resources to this over time, so please do check back in and share these resources and this page/resource hub #AfNNutritionHub

Please note – These resources are produced independently by Registrants & are not owned by the AfN.


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Coronavirus: How to support your health and training

By Anita Bean RNutr

Fueling adventure at altitude

By Jessica Neil ANutr

Pre-workout nutrition

By Anita Bean RNutr

Recovery Nutrition

By Anita Bean RNutr

Nutrition for endurance training

By Jessica Neil ANutr

How to build muscle on a vegetarian or vegan diet

By Anita Bean RNutr

Why gut health is vital for sports performance

By Anita Bean RNutr

What to eat before a cardio workout?


By Francesca Straneiro ANutr, reviewed by Charotte Turner RNutr 

Why is sports nutrition so important?

By Francesca Straniero ANutr and reviewed by Charlotte Turner RNutr