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All of the links below are to evidence-based nutrition resources for those working and studying at home, which have been developed by, or in collaboration with, UKVRN Registered Nutritionists (RNutrs) or Registered Associate Nutritionists (ANutrs).

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Eating well to stay healthy: A practical guide for over 65s

By Cathy Court ANutr

Bone health at the menopause

Looking after your bones is important at any age but it’s particularly relevant as we get older especially for women during and after the menopause when the risk of bone loss is greater. In this article, Claire Baseley, RNutr, explains how you can support your bone health with good nutrition during the menopause.

5 key nutrients for a healthier menopause

The menopause is a time of change for our bodies and minds. It’s very important to look after your physical and mental health during this phase of your life. Claire Baseley, RNutr, provides some helpful hints on how you can improve your nutrition during and after the menopause.


The truth about protein and who needs it most

Think protein is just for body builders and power lifters? Protein is an essential nutrient that helps support muscle and bone health. While it is important for athletes to consume enough protein for performance reasons, the over 50s are a population group who might benefit from a higher protein diet to help maintain muscle and bone strength into older age, with potentially powerful benefits to health. Claire Baseley, RNutr explains.

Nutrition as we age

By Kate Taylor ANutr

Eating well in later life resources

Having a balanced and varied diet containing the right amount of nutrients is important for good health and wellbeing throughout life, but especially as we age.

Malnutrition (or under nutrition) is a huge issue in the UK, estimated to impact over 3 million people.

Older people are particularly at risk. Around 1.3 million of those affected by malnutrition are over the age of 65, a figure which, unfortunately is predicted to rise

As malnutrition often happens over a long period of time, it can be difficult to recognise. However, as we, our families and those we care for age, there are signs we can look out for and resources to help support us. Here are some resources recommended by Prof Jane Murphy RD RNutr from Bournemouth University that you may find useful.

How to add more fibre to your diet.

By Amanda Nyeke RNutr, reviewed by Charlotte Turner RNutr