The Super Yummy Kitchen – Chartwells: Series Two Resources

Series Two: Family Food

Simply delicious, family food with Chef Andrew Walker, Chef Allegra McEvedy MBE of CBeebies and Junior MasterChef fame and the Chartwells nutrition team of UKVRN Registered Nutritionists (RNutrs) and Registered Associate Nutritionists (ANutrs).

Below is a collection of cook-a-long videos for you to work your way through at home, combined with some fun paper based activities that link to the curriculum to support home schooling and be enjoyed by all the family!

Why not share your evening meal creations or your chopstick races for the first to get ten raisins/peas in a bowl? Just remember to include the hashtag #LockdownNutrition so we can all join in the fun, and if you are under 13 make sure you get an adult to post on your behalf 🙂


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 Katsu Curry with Rainbow Salad

Katsu Curry -with some special twists! We love fruit and veg, so Chef Andrew uses carrots, sweet potato and apples in the sauce, whilst still tasting exactly as a Katsu Curry should, plus using an all time store cupboard favourite, stuffing, as the chicken coating! All served up with a delicious rainbow ribbon salad! A really good one for the kids to see how we can include lots of goodness into a curry.

Veggie Dogs with Miniature Jacket Wedges

Chef Andrew offers FOUR different options for you and the kids to get creative, making cooking that little bit more fun! Which one will you go for or will you all choose something different? Choose from a Unicorn Dog, a Pizza Dog, a Nacho Chilli Dog or a Fruity Salsa Dog. These dancing dogs are served with mini jacket wedges.

Frittata and Garlic Bread

Chef Allegra is joined by Chef Shaun from Canada to help you create this yummy family meal. Chef Allegra used tomatoes, peppers and broccoli, and Chef Shaun added red onion, butternut squash and chunks of the broccoli stalk for extra nutrients! A great way to see how many colourful veggies from the rainbow you can include in yours!

Tuna and Salmon Fishcakes with stop go sauce

Did you know that you can make fishcakes from tinned tuna and salmon? Chef Allegra and Chef Majic, from Chartwells in Ireland, and the kids, work together to create another fantastic recipe that you can teach the kids, and serve up for dinner! 🐟🌽

Chef Allegra and Chef Majic add garlic, sweetcorn and leeks but you can add any veg that you have at home.


Fish Finger Burrito with Mexican Rice

Have you ever combined fish fingers and a burrito?   😱 Well today is your lucky day! Chef Andrew, Chef Dan and his daughter, plus Darcy and Oscar, show you how to whip up this quick, cheap and super yummy burrito recipe that the kids will love getting creative with. Build them around what you have in your kitchen and stuff with all of your favourite toppings.

Sarah`s Sausage Chilli with Flat Bread

Have you ever put banana in a chilli? 🍌 Or made flat bread from yogurt? Chef Andrew is joined by Chef Sarah, from Pennsylvania, to set you up for a delicious weekend of hearty cooking with this recipe! Some people add chocolate to chilli to add sweetness, but Chef Andrew uses banana, which adds sweetness, extra nutrients and keeps the added sugar content down for children.

Can Can Fish Pie

Want to see how cornflakes can put a delicious spin on a fish pie? Chef Andrew shows you how! The kids will LOVE this one – a really fun recipe to get fish into their diets!


Spaghetti Bolognaise

Who doesn’t love Spag Bol? 🍝 This is an easy family favourite that the kids can learn, and enjoy any day of the week. Chef Allegra and Chef Kristy from the USA, show you how you can pack lots of veggies into Spaghetti Bolognese, plus how to make homemade garlic doughballs!


Easy Peasy Risotto

Risotto isn’t just for restaurants! This child friendly family favourite is an easy one to learn, with an all time kids favourite veg – PEAS! Frozen peas, and all frozen vegetables, are just as nutritious as fresh versions and still contribute towards your 5-a-Day. The added bonus is that frozen veggies have a longer shelf life, so you can use them when you need them.

Squashy Mac `N` Cheese

An all time family favourite meal but with a little nutritious twist! Chef Andrew is joined by special guest Chef Karl all the way from Chartwells in Ireland, they show you how you can incorporate butternut squash into a creamy sauce!

Oodle Noodles

We all know stir-fry is a perfect dinner when you have lots of leftover bits in the fridge! Did you know that 1/3 of all food produced for humans goes to waste? Well, this recipe is great one for loving your leftovers!  Chef Andrew is joined by Chef Michael from  Australia, to make this Oodles Noodles Stir-Fry!

Chef Andrew and Chef Michael use 9 different vegetables but you can use any other veg in your fridge that needs using up.

Marinated Chicken Kebabs with jewelled rice and yoghurt dip

Fancy a BBQ style dinner? Chef Allegra is joined by Chef Greg in Ireland, to show you how to whip up these Marinated Chicken & Veg Kebabs with Jewelled Rice & Minty Yogurt Dip. Doesn’t that sounds fresh?! This is a versatile dish. Serve with a wholegrain rice salad, on a BBQ with corn on the cob & potato salad, or in a wrap with extra veggies! You could even swap the chicken for halloumi or tofu if vegetarian is preferred!




More recipes and videos are currently being posted and we will be uploading these regularly, so please do come back soon for more recipes and resources.