Revised RNutr Competencies Come into Effect

Following a periodic review and public consultation, the competencies for Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) registration have been updated to reflect developments in the environment and areas in which registrants practice.

The updated RNutr competencies came into effect 1st April 2024. Applicants for RNutr registration (be that via transfer from ANutr, RNutr portfolio or EEBN application pathway) will need to demonstrate their achievement of these new competencies, and current RNutr registrants will use the competencies to direct their annual CPD activities.

The main changes to the competencies include, updated language, re-naming of core competency areas, re-ordering of competencies to place Professional Conduct and Practice as CC1, removal of duplications to avoid repetition and lead to a more streamlined document. The new competencies also clearly detail common core competency area required of all RNutr, regardless of specialism, plus sub-competencies for each specialist area of practice. These combined with  the use of Miller’s Pyramid, will help registrants to identify the type and level of evidence they submit to demonstrate their achievement of the competencies. .

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