Updated AfN Standards of Ethics, Conduct & Performance Released

Nutrition is an extensive profession with our Registrants working in many different roles, settings and locations. The AfN Standards of Ethics Conduct and Performance  are designed to ensure our registrants practise safely, effectively, appropriately and in the best interest of the public.

The standards apply to all of our Registrants, regardless of their field of activity, contract of employment or membership/ registration with any other professional organisation. The standards also apply wherever in the world the registrant lives and/or works, and whether they work directly with members of the public or are bringing their professional expertise to other roles, such as education, leadership, industry or research. Registrants all uphold these standards at all times, not just during working hours,  so as to demonstrate their commitment to professionalism and because they understand that the attitudes, behaviour and information shared by registrants outside of work can also impact on the trust, confidence and knowledge that individuals and organisations have regarding nutrition and nutrition professionals.

The revised standards were developed following consultation with registrants, stakeholders and the public, and were approved by Council in November 2021.

The updated AfN Standards of Ethics Conduct and Performance come into effect for all registrants from 1st January 2022.

We are developing a series of guidance notes to further support registrants with their adherence to the standards, and these will be highlighted in the registrant newsletter as each one becomes available.

Read the updated AfN Standards of Ethics, Conduct and Performance here

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