Rozzie Batchelar – Nutritional Assistant, Jamie Oliver Limited

“My love of sport and interest in sport nutrition were the reasons I got into food and health. Being a foodie and enthusiastic cook, I was keen to get involved in the food side of nutrition and work experience with the Sainsbury’s nutrition team and Jamie’s nutritionist made me realise the opportunities for nutritionists in the food industry.

My role at Jamie Oliver Ltd is so varied that I find it impossible to get bored. As a team, and as an individual, we work across all the Jamie Oliver businesses, making sure any recipes, restaurant dishes, publications, TV programmes, apps and articles released meet our nutrition standards. We also hold nutrition training sessions for our businesses and restaurants to make sure they are on board and realise the impact that we can all have on public health.

When I became an Associate Nutritionist it gave me the status as a nutritionist that I couldn’t gain from my degree alone. I then worked on developing my skills and gaining the experience needed to become a Registered Nutritionist. I have huge respect for other Registered Nutritionists, as it shows their commitment to giving responsible nutrition advice and protecting public health. The amount of work and knowledge required to become registered makes me more confident in the work I do and in the nutrition advice I give.”
Rozzie is a Registered Nutritionist working in the Nutrition Team at Jamie Oliver Ltd.

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