Laura Matthews – Head of Nutrition, Jamie Oliver Limited

“I have always known that I wanted to have a career in food. The regular cooking lessons I had when I was a child helped me realise the value of good cooking skills and the positive impact on general health and wellbeing this has. I studied food and nutrition at university and was fortunate enough to establish a role on Jamie’s food team, where the knowledge from my degree and masters helped earn me a promotion to Head Nutritionist in 2011. I’ve worked for Jamie for over five years and I’m happy to say I have my dream job!

I work with Jamie closely, whether it’s updating him with topical nutritional news, helping him develop some healthy dishes for his restaurants, or supporting him to write recipes that are in check for their nutritional value, so that we offer a large selection of dishes that can be cooked and enjoyed regularly.

I became a Registered Nutritionist in 2012 because it gives me greater credibility and gives colleagues and the public more confidence in me. I would encourage anyone working in the nutrition industry to sign up to the Association of Nutrition and become either an Associate or Registered Nutritionist, depending on where you’re at in your career.”

Laura is Registered Nutritionist and is Head of Nutrition at Jamie Oliver Ltd.

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