CIMSPA & Association for Nutrition pilot purpose statement

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) and Association for Nutrition (AfN) will be working together on a new partnership pilot.

The pilot will focus on how both organisations can provide support and guidance to those that wish to broaden their understanding of Nutrition within a Sport and Physical Activity context and support partners that are seeking approval from either organisation for their education products.

The partnership will work to;

  • Set out a clear understanding of professional’s scope of practice in relation to nutrition advice.
  • Influence and support the review of Professional Standards.
  • Review and enhance the approval of nutrition education products.

CIMSPA will consult with AfN on all endorsements relating to Nutrition and advise all partners to seek approval from AfN before submitting these to CIMSPA.

Association for Nutrition will provide a service for sports and activity education providers to apply to have their nutrition training provisions approved, will support CIMSPA in reviewing professional standards that make reference to nutrition and in the development of career pathways for those that want to pursue this specialism.

This pilot will provide clearly set guidance for areas of responsibilities for both CIMSPA and AfN.

Any further advancements will be communicated to partners and members.


Download a copy of the Statement Here

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