New applications & Transfers

We are continuing to process applications to join and re-join the Register, as well as for transfers from ANutr to RNutr status. Most individuals shouldn’t notice any significant interruptions to our services, but with AfN staff and assessors working from home we are ONLY accepting applications submitted electronically through the website and processing time may be slightly longer than usual, which we will do our very best to keep to a minimum. Therefore all Direct Entry, Portfolio, EEBN and Transfer applications should be submitted via this website and not submitted by post in hard copy or by email.

To Programme Leaders of AfN accredited programmes

Please read our latest announcement here – 8th April 2020

Eating for health during the covid-19 outbreak

There are many myths about what we should be eating to stay well during the current Covid-19 outbreak, but for most people the important thing will continue to be to eat a healthy, balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight. The key aspects of a healthy diet remain the same:

  • Eat 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables a day
  • Eat higher fibre carbohydrates – such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes with their skin on
  • Eat some beans, eggs, pulses fish, meat or other vegetarian alternatives
  • Eat some dairy – choosing lower fat where possible
  • Eat foods high in salt, saturated fat and free sugars in small amounts and infrequently
  • Have 6-8 glasses of fluid each day
For more information by Registered Nutritionists, please see our Nutrition Resource Hub

Working Safely

A National Lockdown has been declared in England and tight restrictions are in place in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Registrants and their employers should ensure that they are complying with the Government/Devolved Nation’s guidance and legislation. This can be found via the following links:

The current official recommendation in all UK nations is that all individuals must work from home, unless they are unable to undertake their role/provide their services from home.

Therefore UKVRN Registrants should, wherever possible, work from home and provide their services remotely, for example by using virtual platforms.

Registrants who are unable to undertake their role or provide their services remotely, need to ensure that they are following the Government guidelines/legislation, must be working in a COVID-19 secure manner and in compliance with their insurance requirements.

All Registrants not able to work from home are advised to read and comply with the Health Protection (coronavirus, restrictions) Regulations 2020 and the relevant government guidelines for their work environment, as well as the Government’s 5 steps to working safely during COVID-19.

This includes limiting contact with others, keeping your distance from people not in your household (2m where possible) and maintaining temporary records for 21-days for the purpose of NHS Test and Trace.

For Registrants working in an office or consultation room style environment, you should follow the guide for offices and contact centres

For Registrants who go into client’s homes, you should follow the guide for other people’s homes

For Registrants working in a laboratory or indoor research setting such as in a university or taste testing facility, you should follow the guide for labs and research facilities 

For Registrants working in a school or university environment, you should follow the guide for implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings

For those working in a devolved nation, you should confirm you are working in line with the requirements of the relevant devolved body.

Freelance Registrants are also advised to confirm with their insurers, whether they have any additional requirements so as to ensure practice is covered.

Contacting us

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we have limited access to respond to enquiries via phone. Therefore please in the first instance email:, and if required a member of the team will arrange a call.


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