Pocket Nutrition – Healthy Eating & Well-being

This course is AfN certified as suitable for those working or volunteering in a Level 3 role within Health & Social Care. (NB. Completers of this course are not eligible for an AfN certificate, as course certified under previous scheme)
Online eLearning, available anytime

Learn about nutrition and health with our clear, authoritative and practical 11 hour course.  This course has been designed to provide you with knowledge of a wide range of subjects, comprising of 11 sections including: the digestive system, nutrients, elements of a balanced diet, basic rules/guidelines of food labeling, nutritional imbalances and health and well being, principles of weight loss and management, and general and further lifestyle advice for health and well being.

To gain the level 3 certificate, learners should read through each section (and any sub units) and then take the multiple-choice quiz at the end, the overall pass mark is 60%.
The course has been built with an easy and interactive user interface which can be used on mobile, tablet and PC / MAC environments.

The course material  is organised into logical and manageable components with clear and concise use of language.  The course platform is reliable and provides technical support and access to the tutor of the course.