ESS Regulatory Health and Wellbeing Training Certificate

Successful completion of this course results in eligibility for an AfN Certificate in Foundational Nutrition Essentials for Catering to be issued.
Continually available on-demand

This is a contract catering company for predominantly Energy and Public sector organisations such a the military, oil rigs, government bodies, police and mainstream offices. We develop menus that must comply to contractual requirements, specific regulations within nutrition and wellbeing as well as general population regulations. This training enhances and supports online new employee allergen training but going into the specific detail of their unit requirements such as phase one military training etc. whilst also giving a background in the principles and importance of a healthy balanced diet for their own individual health. All new contracts are able to have this training and refresher training also takes place. If required it can be adapted to do online. Please note that the course is only available for Compass Group employees.