Early Start Nutrition – A Health Professionals Guide to Nutrition in Pregnancy

This course is AfN certified as suitable for those working or volunteering in a Level 3 role within Health & Social Care. (NB. Completers of this course are not eligible for an AfN certificate, as course certified under previous scheme)

This is an e-learning module which will support healthcare professionals to learn more about:

  • The key dietary messages to communicate to women on the importance of a balanced diet
  • The recommendations for key nutrient requirements during pregnancy
  • Food safety and the foods which are recommended to avoid during pregnancy
  • The requirements for supplement use including Healthy Start during pregnancy
  • Gaining a healthy weight and expected weight gain during pregnancy
  • Information relating to the importance of physical activity during pregnancy

Learning Content

The training comprises of information slides and activities which you can work through at your own pace (estimated study time 1.5 – 2 hours).


There will be a short assessment at the end of the training with a pass rate of 80%. On completion of the training you will be able to access to a Knowledge Development Plan (KDP) template where you can reflect on your learning and map how you will use them in your practice. You will find this on your ‘Profile’ under completed courses. This is also where you will be able to review the course material.

Competencies Covered by Course

Certificate issued on successful completion of the course and the Knowledge Development Plan (KDP).