Nutritionist & Kitchen Admin

We are currently recruiting for a Nutritionist to work with us.

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all service solution, our services go beyond expectations and are crafted to suit every individual client. What’s more, we take the health of our customer to heart and our ideas take delicious food and drink to the next level. With our clients’ wellbeing objectives as our steer, we create a buzzing and social experience that sustains, motivates and supports in achieving a happy and healthy workforce. It is a proven approach, with our delighted clients ranging from financial institutions and media companies, to stunning conference venues and high- tech workspaces.

We take having fun very seriously! Outside of work we encourage every member of staff to join in our regular charity evenings, quiz nights and sports events (as long as they let us win!). not to mention our legendary Christmas parties. We fully embrace the philosophy of work hard and play harder. We embrace the diversity and individuality of all of our employees, allowing them to reach their full potential and help our team to grow stronger. Vacherin officially formed part of CH&CO Catering Group Ltd in 2021.

Key responsibilities.

  • Kitchen Collaboration – Collaborate closely with the kitchen team to capture daily menus and recipes. Work hands-on with chefs to document ingredients, cooking methods, and presentation techniques.
  • Recipe Documentation – Create and maintain a comprehensive database of recipes, including detailed ingredient lists, cooking instructions, and historical context behind each dish. Support the kitchen team in visually documenting the cooking process through pictures.
  • Menu Integration – Input all ingredients into the weekly menu, ensuring accurate representation of allergens for each dish. Collaborate with chefs to maintain consistency in portion sizes and nutritional content.
  • Calorie Oversight – Oversee the calorie content of all food offerings, ensuring alignment with nutritional guidelines and internal standards.
  • Provide recommendations for adjustments to maintain nutritional balance and meet dietary requirements.
  • Healthy Eating Concept Development –Develop holistic healthy eating concepts, emphasizing the benefits of food for different aspects of the body, mind, and soul.
  • Create innovative and appealing dishes that align with the healthy eating concept and present them to clients.
  • Research and Innovation – Stay abreast of food trends, especially the “Future 50 Foods,” and conduct ongoing research to generate creative ideas for fun and innovative dishes. Collaborate with chefs to implement new concepts that align with the company’s culinary identity.
  • Communication and Presentation – Effectively communicate with kitchen staff, chefs, and clients to convey the nutritional aspects and benefits of various dishes. Prepare and deliver presentations on new concepts, recipes, and food offerings

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