Innovation/NPD Manager (Nutrition, Vitamin Supplements)

We are looking for applicants who will lead by example in ensuring that Revive Active continues to research, develop, and bring to the market high quality supplements, delivering multiple benefits to our customer base.


  • Leading the company’s New Product Development Department and ensuring it’s an important part of our continued growth and success.
  •  Managing all NPD, Value Reengineering & EPD projects throughout the NPD process, from concept to Launch, working cross functionally with all business teams.
  • Monitor and evaluate industry trends & customer drivers and meet regularly with key interdepartmental teams to discuss current, and future innovation, in line with company strategy.
  • Present NPD & EPD concepts with supporting data to lead decision-makers within the business.
  • Keeping up to date with changes to legislation and new research.
  • Sourcing and evaluating new materials and ingredients.
  • Interpreting new legislation and ensuring that all relevant staff are up to speed with any regulatory changes.
  • Working with internal compliance department to ensure all products in development are fully compliant and legal for the markets where they are sold.
  • Ensuring all new products meet technical, costing and production parameters.
  • Conducting nutritional research as and when required.
  • Drafting and updating company New Product Development procedures and practices.
  • Drafting, circulation, review and approval of complete Technical Packs, Product Specifications and associated documentation for all new products.
  • Responsible for ensuring all NPD project files and paperwork are up to date and completed within the specific deadlines
  • Support technologists with both in-house, and external, organoleptic testing of trialled products.
  • Taking responsibility for successful handover of product to process development staff.
  • Researching new ways to produce and improve the quality, processing, packaging, storage and safety of food in accordance with government and industry standards.
  • Complete market research of potential new area, identifying new or existing categories
    that our brands may suit.

If you are interested in applying, please express apply through emailing

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