Accreditation Committee Members

The AfN are seeking to recruit two members to its Accreditation Committee.  The Accreditation Committee governs the AfN Degree Accreditation Scheme on behalf of the AfN Council.
The Committee usually meets four times a year (online) to consider all matters relating to degree programme accreditation, including applications for accreditation and reaccreditation.

This is an opportunity for Registered Nutritionists to increase their knowledge about the delivery of nutrition degrees across the UK and beyond, and to contribute the development of AfN’s policies and wider accreditation activity.
Members include senior nutritionists-(RNutr) with expertise across the specialist areas of practice, research and professional, education, the practice of nutrition and experience of employing nutritionists.

The Chair of the Committee has a seat on AfN Council.

Benefits of being a member of the Accreditation Committee:

  • Committee members will gain invaluable knowledge of the AfN Accreditation Procedures and Standards, which is very helpful when advising their own or other universities applying for AfN accreditation.
  • Time spent on Committee matters is counted towards your CPD.

The duties of the Accreditation Committee are to act on behalf of the Association in order to:

  • Assure AfN that standards and competencies are being maintained across degree programmes nationally and internationally by.
  • Approving applications for accreditation from degree programmes where a successful graduate is conferred a qualification which will be recognised as suitable to justify application to the United Kingdom Voluntary Register of Nutritionists.
  • Supporting the annual review of existing accredited programmes through the Association’s Annual Monitoring Review process.
  • Approve key aspects of accreditation where required.
  • Working with AfN staff to resolve issues relating to degree accreditation.

Assist where appropriate, on working groups within Accreditation Committee and the wider AfN Governance structure

There is an expectation for Committee members to train as AfN assessors in respect of the Degree Accreditation Scheme.

Applications will be considered in line with the following criteria:

  • Current registration as an RNutr
  • Existing Accreditation Assessor, or willingness to train as an assessor.
  • Recent or current experience of academic delivery
  • Experience of Curriculum and Programme Design
  • Experience of Academic Quality Assurance in a University setting

Application method:

2 page A4 CV and maximum 2 page cover letter. To be sent to

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