AfN Certified Courses
All courses listed in this section of the website are AfN Certified, so you can be confident that they deliver evidence-based training to our benchmarked standards. 

Each course has been independently assessed against the standards stated in the relevant sector framework by experts in the field and carry a uniquely numbered AfN Certified Course Logo.  

Certified courses are designed to provide an introduction to nutrition science or to provide relevant nutrition knowledge and skills for those working in jobs where nutrition is important to their role, but does not require the depth of knowledge of a registered Nutritionist (RNutr or ANutr)


Please click on the links below for details of courses currently certified against the relevant standards required for roles in:

* Health and Social Care (L3-5)

* Fitness and Leisure (L1-4)

* Catering (L1-4)

Please note: Completion of these courses do not make an individual eligible for UKVRN registration as either a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) or Registered Nutritionist (RNutr), nor as a certified nutritionist/nutrition assistant/diet advisor/nutrition advisor/weight specialist/nutrition coach etc.   

For information about AfN Accredited Degrees that are eligible for direct entry application for Registered Associate Nutritionist, please click here


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