WSH Group Ltd. The Essentials of Nutrition

This course is AfN certified as suitable for those working or volunteering in a Level 2 role within Catering

The aim of this one-day course is to give learners the knowledge and skills to understand the nutrition and hydration needs of the customers we serve and to understand how to apply this knowledge in their daily roles. The course will also ensure learners understand the wider dietary challenges faced when working within a contract catering environment.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course learners will:

·    Have a solid understanding of the principles of nutrition and healthy eating

·    Understand that nutrient and energy requirements differ between age groups

·    Identify the foods/drinks we should be reducing within our diets and why

·    Understand the healthy eating guidelines that apply to their specific customer base

·    Be able to apply this new knowledge to menu and recipe development

·    Have an enhanced upstanding of dietary requirements in relation to allergies/intolerances, religion and lifestyle choices

·    Be able to confidently read food labels and interpret the information for their use

Competencies Covered by Course

This course has been certified at Level 2 on the AfN Certification Catering framework.