Marketing Associate (Nutritionist/Dietitian)

ZOE is a start-up company that is redefining how people approach their health. Over the past three years, we have run the world’s largest in-depth nutrition study in partnership with scientists from leading institutions including Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, Stanford, and King’s College London.

We combine scientific research and cutting-edge AI to unlock the power of science for every body. Our vision is a world where everyone can take control over their health by understanding their unique biology.

We are looking for a friendly and hardworking Nutritionist (ANutr/RNutr) or Dietitian (RD) to join our growing marketing team as a Marketing Associate. You will own planning, producing content for, and managing organic social media activity for ZOE as we ramp up our business in the US, and eventually around the world.

Both creative and analytical, you’ll ensure consistency and clarity in our brand expression and scientific communications. We’re looking for someone with creative energy, a scientific background and drive to take our social channels to the next level.


The role:

Communication – On a daily basis you’ll ensure that our communications are clear, laddering back to our core messaging, product and science. People trust that ZOE is about the best science made accessible and supportive, and you will be excited to represent that. You’ll align with media communications and acquisition messaging to ensure that our content and social feeds support appropriately. Your written communications will always be improving, especially the delivery of social media posts.

Create first class content – You’ll be in charge of finding new creative and innovative ways to bring our science and brand to life; through video, words and pictures. Experimenting with new formats, new features and keeping things fresh. You’ll create and design content for social media, including instagram grid mock-ups and stories, alongside our designer.

Engage our existing communities – Getting under the skin of our existing community of advocates, you’ll look to really understand what people want to see and find creative ways to deliver it. As we grow our base you’ll nurture followers with engagement touchpoints to grow their affinity and advocacy for the brand. You’ll also engage with customers and our community and deal with any customer queries shared through social channels. We want to grow our current levels of engagement and foster a strong sense of community.

Grow our communities – You’ll devise creative strategies to drive growth through communities and collaborations with partners that align with our brand and values. You’ll gather learnings through engagement with our target audience and share insights with the team.

End-to-end ownership – From strategy setting to strategy execution, you’ll be responsible for the day-to-day running of all of our social channels. From creating great content and  writing engaging captions, to setting targets and budget management.

Qualifications & experience:

A degree in Nutrition or Dietetics
At least 1-year experience in social media marketing (through previous work experience or own channels)
At least 1-year experience in scientific communications (through previous work experience or own channels)
A deep understanding of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
A basic understanding of how to edit video for social channels (e.g. Insta Reels / Stories)
An eye for visuals and the ability to create them in collaboration with a designer
Ability to write engaging copy throughout all social media platforms
Experience using web analytics tools and digital marketing performance metrics


A creative mindset – First and foremost you need to be creative and comfortable dreaming up ideas, concepts and bringing them to life via different mediums; pictures, videos and words. We’re looking for someone who can keep things fresh and is not afraid to try new things.

A confident communicator – You’ll need to be as comfortable telling a story with words as you are with visuals. You’ve got a knack for translating complicated science into digestible, actionable content that resonates with our customers.

A thinker – You’ll analyse campaign and creative performance and make recommendations to help us to improve our strategies.

A doer – There’s a lot going on. You’ll need to be super organized and able to self direct to make sure that we stay on top of the latest social media trends and conversations. You are switched on to opportunities and execute with precision and speed.

A people’s person – You’re happy collaborating with our designers, product team, scientists and others at ZOE. You love being social with our communities and customers, sharing exciting new features and developments and shares that knowledge with our followers.

Self-directed – You can be trusted to work independently, but know when to ask for guidance. Although support will be given and communication lines are always open, you won’t be micromanaged. You will use your own judgment and initiative to work independently and have the confidence to plan, implement and feedback.

Values-driven: You embody the ZOE values in everything that you do.


Can I work remotely full-time?
Everyone is currently working remotely due to COVID. Our office is based in Waterloo and Boston and we intend to return to it at least part-time when we deem it safe in 2021.
What’s it like to work at ZOE?
The ZOE team is diverse, dynamic and data-driven. We have an open and honest culture that delights in learning, thrives in collaborating and likes to have fun.
We have flexible working that’s focused on driving results at pace.
We get together to socialize on Zoom and now, have some socially distanced park dates together when we can. If karaoke is your thing, you’ll fit in just fine.

What are the values of ZOE?
A scientific mindset 🧪
We are curious learners seeking the truth. We learn best by using data and careful experimentation. We are self-aware and know about the limitations of our knowledge, while always seeking to challenge and improve it.
Have courage, we’ve got your back ⚡️
We trust, respect and support our colleagues to take responsibility and deliver fast. We try to act selflessly and make time to help each other so we advance together.
Put users interests first ☝🏽
We start by understanding our users and empowering them to achieve their goals. We earn their trust by connecting to them authentically and respecting their privacy.
Respectfully inclusive 🌎
We promote diversity of ideas and thinking because we value what makes each of us unique in our science, our company, and the community. Our language is polite, positive and empowering, encouraging participation.

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