Decisions from Recent Hearings

Decision of Professional Conduct Panel - Published 27th November 2017

Following a hearing of the AfN Professional Conduct Panel (PCP) on 25 October 2017 & 30 October 2017, a Conditions of Practice Order for 9 months was imposed upon a UKVRN Registrant. The PCP Panel found two charges proved:

1. The publication of articles on the Registrant’s website which were not balanced in the professional statements made within.
2. Misrepresentation of AfN title as a Registered Nutritionist instead of Registered Associate Nutritionist.

The decision of the PCP Panel was that the Registrant’s fitness to practise is impaired by reason of misconduct and the following sanction will appear against the Registrant’s name on the Register:

1. The Registrant must within two weeks of the operative date of these conditions, provide to the AfN a plan for the Registrant’s proposed continuing development to correct the significant shortcomings in the Registrant’s conduct as to steps that the registrant will take to:
a. Demonstrate that the Registrant is using evidence based science, where required, to support any publications the Registrant writes or contributes to.
b. Ensure that the Registrant uses only their current registered title in all print media, social media, websites, and all other communications, including but not limited to emails, presentations, spoken representations and written communications.

2. If the Registrant is made aware or becomes aware of the incorrect title being attributed to the Registrant, the Registrant requests in writing immediate correction of that title and copies AfN into this correction request.

3. The Registrant must submit a reflective report to AfN at three and six months from the date of the operative date of these conditions which sets out the Registrant’s progress to meet the action outlined in the continuing professional development plan referenced at condition 1 for approval by AfN Registrar or any such assessor(s) as delegated to by the Registrar. Any reasonable costs for an assessment of the reflective report to be borne by the registrant.

The Conditions of Practice Order will be effective from 27th November 2017 for 9 months.


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