Food as Medicine

This free online course introduces the concept of food as medicine. Explore its current role in health and disease; expand your understanding of  nutrition science and how it guides us on what and how much to eat for health; learn how to apply evidence-based nutrition knowledge to guide what food can be used as medicine for you and your family.

This course will have broad general interest appeal to everyone interested in food, nutrition and health; but will be of particular interest to healthcare professionals who are looking to learn more evidenced-based information to assist them in providing food-based recommendations to their patients. This course is designed for anyone interested in food, nutrition and health and does not require any previous knowledge or experience in science or health studies.

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Competencies Covered by Course
This course has been certified at Level 1

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Certification Awarded
This course has been certified against the framework for Fitness & Leisure at Level 1

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Course aimed at:
Assistant / Level 1 Coach
Sports volunteer / Organiser
Course Details
Course Duration: 12 guided learning hours
Cost: Free (optional charge for certificate, see here for details)

Training Provider: Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food. Monash University

Tel: +61 3 9902 4270
Certification Dates
Course Certification Awarded: January 2017

Due for re-certification: Winter 2019/2020
Certified Course Note
Completion of this AfN Certified Course does not make an individual a AfN/UKVRN certified nutritionist/ nutrition assistant/ nutrition advisor/weight specialist/ diet advisor or other such title nor eligible for UKVRN registration as either an Associate or Registered Nutritionist.

Please click here for details of AfN Accredited Degree Programmes from which graduates are eligible for direct entry to the UKVRN as a Registered Associate Nutritionist.

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