The Competency Framework in Nutrition for Catering: Level 1 Healthy Eating & School Food

ISS Education is an education catering provider, catering predominantly for primary schools plus some secondary schools and further education institutions; the course is suitable for all employees within ISS Education to aid personal development.

The short learning course covers all the key aspects as laid out by the framework (with the exception to alcohol). The course has been designed to give a general over view of nutrition, healthy eating and allergies/intolerances, with a view to our business requirements.

ISS Education feels this course will give employees a greater understanding of nutrition, healthy eating and the vital role school meals play in developing sound eating habits and good health in children.

(This course description has been provided by the Training Provider)
Competencies Covered by Course
This course has been certified at Level 1

The matrix below shows which Level 1 competencies are covered within this course - please click on image to expand.

Related Courses by Training Provider
None at this time
Certification Awarded
This course has been certified against the framework for Catering at Level 1

Details of which competencies are covered by this course are shown below.
Course aimed at
ISS Education Employees, including Food Service Assistants and Kitchen Team Members

Please note: This course is only available for ISS Education Employees and not to members of the public
Course Details
Course Duration: 9 hours
Cost: Free to all ISS employees

Training Provider: ISS Education

Certification Dates
Course Certification Awarded: June 2016

Due for re-certification: Summer 2019
Certified Course Note
Completion of this AfN Certified Course does not make an individual a AfN/UKVRN certified nutritionist/ nutrition assistant/ nutrition advisor/weight specialist/ diet advisor or other such title nor eligible for UKVRN registration as either an Associate or Registered Nutritionist.

Please click here for details of AfN Accredited Degree Programmes from which graduates are eligible for direct entry to the UKVRN as a Registered Associate Nutritionist.

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