Courses Certified Against Catering Competency Framework
Please click on the course titles below to see details on the course subjects, which competencies the training covers and information on the training provider.

Courses are listed in alphabetical order, by training provider

Training Provider         Course Title and link                                                          

British Nutrition Foundation 

An Introduction to healthy eating and nutrition (CC058)

An engaging introductory course in healthy eating and nutrition - perfect for those new to the topic.  No previous nutrition knowledge is required. 


British Nutrition Foundation

Exploring Nutrition and Health (CC059)

This course is for those who already have a basic knowledge of nutrition and want to learn more e.g. food industry employees 

ISS Education

The Competency Framework in Nutrition for Catering: 
Level 1 Healthy Eating & School Food

Designed to give a general over view of nutrition, healthy eating and allergies / intolerances, with a view to our business requirements in educational catering.

 Monash University

Food as Medicine (CC047)

Explore and recognise which types of food are essential for health and wellbeing, and how food can play an important role in treating/preventing disease.

Waitrose & Partners Ltd

Healthy Eating Specialists (CC069)

This course provides evidence based information on a healthy, balanced diet to include The Eatwell Guide, energy intake and body composition; basic nutrition; food labelling and legislation; special diet; food myths, fad diets and trends.

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