The Learning Academy -Healthy Eating and Well-Being

Level 3 
£295 per person
Online - e-learning available on demand
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The Healthy Eating and Well-being course is a comprehensive nutrition course comprised of information that is clear, authoritative and practical. To gain the Level 3 certificate, the following sections and units there-in must be completed:

· The fundamentals of nutrition science and health, including the subject areas:

- The functions of nutrients in the diet

- Nutrients and the cooking process, food storage and food processing

- Metabolism

- Importance and benefits of eating regularly

- Basic rules/guidelines of food labelling

- Elements of a balanced diet

· The role of nutrition and health uncovering key factors and influences, including subject areas:

- Nutritional imbalances and health and well-being

- Other dietary habits and factors

- Principles of weight loss

- General and further advice for health and well-being    

The course has been built with an easy and interactive user interface which can be used on mobile, tablet and PC/ Mac environments.

The course material is organised into logical and manageable components with clear and concise use of language.  The course website has a user forum, technical support and access to the tutor of the course. 

This course is appropriate for those looking for further knowledge and answers to questions, or seeking to work in the nutrition field. The course is geared at giving you the learner solid knowledge of nutrition and the confidence to apply this knowledge to aspects of your own health and wellbeing, and provide practical advice to others in a variety of settings.

This qualification is suitable for those looking to further their study in the field, or work in health promotion and advice. This may be in educational settings such as schools, employment situations, and commercial settings such as fitness centres and health shops.

Please contact us for further information and advice:

07872346896 General queries
07961005055 Course content queries

Course listing information is provided by the training provider.

AfN Certified Courses provide a useful insight into the field of nutrition for those working in health and social care jobs that incorporate an aspect of nutrition, or for individuals who are looking for a short course before deciding on whether to pursue the further studies required to become a registered nutritionist. AfN certification is a quality mark, as these courses have been assessed as meeting the competencies required, as set out in our Nutrition Competence Model for Health & Social Care. 

Please Note: Completion of this AfN Certified Course does not make an individual a AfN/UKVRN certified nutritionist/ nutrition assistant/ nutrition advisor/weight specialist/ diet advisor or other such title nor eligible for UKVRN registration as either a Registered Associate Nutritionist or Registered Nutritionist. Please click here for details of AfN Accredited Degree Programmes from which graduates are eligible for direct entry to the UKVRN as a Registered Associate Nutritionist.

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