Workforce Competence Model in Nutrition for Catering
Working with Public Health England and stakeholders from the catering sector, we undertook research in early 2015 to develop a framework of nutrition competencies for those working in fitness and leisure at levels 1-4.

The framework benchmarks nutrition competences and underpins the standards required for upskilling the wider nutrition workforce, to ensure that workers are demonstrably competent and able to practise in accordance with defined standards of proficiency, conduct, ethics and training.

This work was part of Public Health England's evidence package on sugar reduction and a summary of the work and findings have been included within the evidence package published. 

This work has the potential to make a significant contribution to reducing nutrition-related health inequalities and misinformation by describing knowledge and skills essential to delivery of sound nutrition information and  standards for evidence-based nutrition training at levels 1-4 on the RQF for those in catering and hospitality roles.

The three competencies for Catering are: (alongside the Code of Practice)

1. Fundamentals of Human Nutrition
2. Improving Health and Wellbeing
3. Food Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements

A key skill and quality is knowing the limitations of ones own ability, knowledge and skills. Therefore clear limitations of practice have been set, which make it clear when an individual should refer on to a nutrition or health professional.

To view details of the Competence Framework in Nutrition for Fitness and Leisure, please click on items below:

Competence Matrix and Code of Practice

Limitations of Practice

The Public Health England evidence package that this formed a part of is available here

A summary of the research and development of these competencies are provided on pages 9-11 of the accompanying annexe 6: knowledge, education, training and tools.

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