Registration Renewal FAQs
I’m planning on transferring, do I need to renew?

Yes, to transfer to RNutr you must be a current registrant, so you’ll need to pay your ANutr renewal fee when it is due to remain on the register. You won’t be charged a renewal fee twice in the same year; if you transfer after paying your renewal fee, your RNutr renewal fee will be due the following year. Please note that the transfer fee is a separate administrative fee and has no impact on the renewal fee. 

I’m going on maternity leave, can I suspend my registration during this time?

Yes, it is possible to suspend your registration for up to 2 years for maternity or medical leave. Please contact us to inform us of this. Please note you must inform us of this before your registration lapses. 

How do I know whether I have an account on the AfN website?

Try to send yourself a username/password reminder here using the email address that we have on our records. If a message appears stating that your email address isn’t recognised, you can create an account here


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