Nutrition for Sport and Exercise
Level 3
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This course focuses on the nutrient requirements of those involved in sport and exercise - from the regular gym-goer who wants to gain muscle to the marathon runner who wants to optimise performance. In addition to the general application of nutrition to sport and exercise you will gain a thorough understanding of the range of sports supplements currently on the market and the evidence supporting their effectiveness and use.

Course content:
•    How the body uses energy for exercise
•    Using carbohydrates for performance and recovery
•    Protein requirements for different types of exercise
•    The vitamin and mineral needs of exercisers
•    Optimal hydration and sports drinks
•    Which sports supplements are effective and why
•    Creatine, caffeine and amino acids
•    Creating a personal nutrition programme

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AfN Certified Courses provide a useful insight into the field of nutrition for those working in health and social care jobs that incorporate an aspect of nutrition, or for individuals who are looking for a short course before deciding on whether to pursue the further studies required to become a registered nutritionist. AfN certification is a quality mark, as these courses have been assessed as meeting the competencies required, as set out in our Nutrition Competence Model for Health & Social Care. 

Please Note: Completion of this AfN Certified Course does not make an individual a AfN/UKVRN certified nutritionist/ nutrition assistant/ nutrition advisor/weight specialist/ diet advisor or other such title nor eligible for UKVRN registration as either a Registered Associate Nutritionist or Registered Nutritionist. Please click here for details of AfN Accredited Degree Programmes from which graduates are eligible for direct entry to the UKVRN as an Registered Associate Nutritionist.

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