Laura Parr
Head of Nutrition, Jamie Oliver
Laura is a Registered Nutritionist (Food) and has worked with Jamie Oliver since 2008, having previously worked for manufacturers in the food industry.  Over the last 5 years she has created, defined and delivered the company’s nutrition strategy, with particular focus on the development of nutrition principles for the restaurant group, including the Jamie’s Italian restaurant chain.
Laura spoke about...
•    The importance of being a Registered Associate Nutritionist or Registered Nutritionist within our business and how the core competencies influence and guide us in the work we do e.g. in analysing recipes using nutritional software and in communicating with individuals and/or groups to make informed changes to their diet and food choice.
•    Anyone working in nutrition at Jamie Oliver must be a Registered Associate Nutritionist or Registered Nutritionist or in a suitable position to apply, with the relevant education/career background.
•    Having Registered Nutritionists and Registered Associate Nutritionists working with Jamie and within the business makes a difference at individual, elite and population levels.

Laura's Presentation

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