Dr Kevin Currell
Head of Performance Nutrition, English Institute of Sport
Kevin is also Lead Performance Nutritionist for British Athletics and GB Short Track having supported British Triathlon and GB Canoeing through to the London Olympic Games.  At the time of presenting at the AGM, Kevin was a Registered Nutritionist (Sports & Exercise) with a PhD from the University of Birmingham examining multiple transportable carbohydrates and their effect on exercise performance. 
Kevin said...

•         Elite sport is about finding interventions which produce small margins between winning and losing.

•         The three challenges to evidence-based practice are:

1.       Proving interventions work when the difference between winning and losing is so small.

2.       Elite athletes are outliers.

3.       Elite athletes are trying to do something nobody has ever done.

•         The EIS Performance Nutrition team attempt to overcome these challenges by:

1.       Understanding performance and subsequently understanding what nutrition interventions are needed to support that performance.

2.       Having robust peer review processes to ensure evidence based practice is in place.
Kevin's Presentation

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