Dr Alison Tedstone
Director of Diet & Obesity, Public Health England
Alison is responsible for diet, nutrition and obesity advice and policy in Public Health England. This includes nutrition surveys, food composition, scientific advice and messaging on nutrition and obesity, and supporting local weight management services.   She has a BSc and PhD from London University and is a Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) and AfN Founding Fellow.
Alison spoke about...
•    Improving the nations diet and reducing excess body weight is key to reducing the burden of chronic diseases and also will help address health inequalities in the England
•    Public Health England is committed to supporting local authorities in the delivery of public health. This includes supporting and promoting their work to improve diet and tackle the obesity.
•    Registrants  play an import role in ensuring messages and delivery are evidence based, and also in providing leadership to support and promote the delivery of front line services and efforts to combat environments that make healthy choices less easy or desirable.

Link to Alison's presentation.
Alison's Presentation

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