Kent Community Health NHS Trust Food Champion Programme
Level 3
East Kent
No charge
2 day course
followed by 12 month mentoring programme which is also AfN Certified

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The 2 day training covers healthy eating and key nutritional messages including; applying the Eatwell plate to everyday meals, reading and understanding food labels, fats and sugar information, dispelling myths and misconceptions on nutritional messages, practical cooking workshops, case studies and goal setting.

The one year mentor support offers valuable contact time with a member of the nutrition team to meet with the food champion trainee and their manager in order to develop and achieve 3 healthy eating goals. This support also provides the food champion trainee with useful and reliable resources, contacts and networks. Once achieved the 3 goals the food champion trainee will be awarded the Official Food Champion status at an annual network event.

Target group
1     Level 3
2     A key worker or volunteer who provides basic healthy eating information based on the Eatwell Plate.
3     Someone who can improve their workplace to enable colleagues or clients to choose healthier foods.
4     A good communicator, who can provide consistent, simple and practical advice on nutrition.

This course will enable participants to:
  • Identify the Eatwell Plate model
  • Discuss the principles of the current food labelling system
  • Complete practical cooking tasks and understand the principles of cooking using different flavourings and relating the meal to the Eatwell Plate
  • Explain the importance of achieving a healthy weight and the importance of accessing appropriate and accurate nutrition information
  • Relate to different barriers that people face when making healthy food choices and be able to create appropriate solutions
  • Plan a food initiative appropriate to the client group

For more information contact:
Healthy Weight Team
Food Champion Programme
Unit 2, Whitfield Court
Whitecliffs Business Park
Honeywood Close
Dover CT16 3NY

Phone: 0300 123 1220 option 2

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AfN Certified Courses provide a useful insight into the field of nutrition for those working in health and social care jobs that incorporate an aspect of nutrition, or for individuals who are looking for a short course before deciding on whether to pursue the further studies required to become a registered nutritionist. AfN certification is a quality mark, as these courses have been assessed as meeting the competencies required, as set out in our Nutrition Competence Model for Health & Social Care. 

Please Note: Completion of this AfN Certified Course does not make an individual a AfN/UKVRN certified nutritionist/ nutrition assistant/ nutrition advisor/weight specialist/ diet advisor or other such title nor eligible for UKVRN registration as either a Registered Associate Nutritionist or Registered Nutritionist. Please click here for details of AfN Accredited Degree Programmes from which graduates are eligible for direct entry to the UKVRN as a Registered Associate Nutritionist.

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