AfN Certification History
Improving Capacity, Confidence and Competence in Nutrition across the Workforce

AfN Course Certification signals appropriate, evidence-based training designed to increase the skill set and confidence of the target workforce.  These workers help individuals improve their health outcomes, supporting informed and affordable choices on eating more healthily and developing the practical skills required for shopping, budgeting and cooking healthily.  Improving frontline workers' knowledge and skills will enhance overall individual and social wellbeing, ultimately safeguarding the public from invalid and unsafe nutrition information.

AfN Certification is underpinned by the Workforce Competence Model in Nutrition which was developed, tested and launched as a key outcome of our Nutrition and Health Inequalities Project. The Workforce Competence Model in Nutrition is a national quality assurance framework, unique in defining ethical, scientific and quality standards for the practice of nutrition and public health nutrition, providing guidance to all levels of the workforce.  It was launched in February 2012 as part of the agreed project plan to support existing health roles, emerging future nutrition roles and wider related nutrition occupations within other sectors such as the food and catering industry. The Model will enable workers who deliver nutrition advice as part of their job to become demonstrably more competent in nutrition.

In 2015 the AfN worked in partnership with Public Health England to develop standards for nutrition knowledge in Fitness, Leisure and Catering. After research into the current levels of knowledge and training, and in collaboration with industry and nutrition stakeholders, nutrition competence frameworks were developed for those working at Levels 1-4. From these a pilot of course certification for training providers who have developed curriculums that provide individuals with the knowledge which underpins the competencies has been undertaken. Once this concludes in September 2016, course certification will be opened up to all training providers to apply for.

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