Registering as Registered Nutritionist
Step 1:                                                Read Guide to applying for Registered Nutritionist Status and Guidance notes for completing the application form 
Step 2:  Read Competency Requirements for Registered Nutritionist
Step 3: Read Accompanying Reference Documents:
Step 4:

Complete the Application Form and both of the Competency Mapping Forms (B+C)

A. Registered Nutritionist Application Form - all specialisms (PDF Version)
B. Registered Associate Nutritionist Competency Mapping Form (PDF version)
C. Knowledge Application Mapping Form (PDF Version)

Please remember:

* RNutr Portfolios must not exceed 50 pages in length or be presented in individual plastic pockets/wallets within the portfolio folders. The application and mapping forms do not contribute towards the page limit.

*Two copies of the application, mapping forms and evidence portfolio are required to be submitted.


Please note we do not accept electronic submissions, as we require an original signature.

If you need further help, please see our FAQ or email


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