Training Evaluation Scheme
The Training Evaluation Scheme was intended to review current nutrition related themes which are delivered in selected vocational and further education training programmes. To achieve this, the Scheme evaluated the Candidates perception of the nutrition aspects featured in the course as well as their career goals and aspirations.  The scheme objectives included:

  •     Reviewing current training course materials (nutrition related topics)
  •     Recognising and benchmarking standards of learning in nutrition
  •     Highlighting good practice in training courses in nutrition

The ultimate aim of the Scheme was to promote and acknowledge courses that deliver high quality training provision in nutrition.  We feel that by recognising and supporting selected training programmes, individuals will be valued for their nutritional skills and knowledge and therefore can successfully pursue a career in the field.

An online questionnaire was used to capture this feedback alongside asking questions with reference to our Workforce Competence Model in Nutrition*. This questionnaire was circulated amongst course candidates for completion after their course.

*AfN did not assess teaching styles/abilities or look to alter the training providers curriculum or learning outcomes.
Information for Course Providers
Training Provider delivering nutrition related programmes at Level 3 or 4 who wished to take part in the Scheme downloaded the Course Provider Pack here which included specific details of the Scheme (Information Sheet), consent to take part in the Scheme (Consent Form) and a Checklist.
NB Nutrition related programmes included distance learning, e-learning, on-the-job training and classroom based learning. Training Providers delivering CPD training for Health Professionals at Level 5+ were also welcomed to take part in the Scheme.
Information for Candidates
Candidates will have been notified of the Scheme directly through their Course Provider. Candidates can download the Candidate Pack here. The Candidate Pack consists of specific information for the participating Candidates (Information Sheet) and a Candidate Application Form. Candidates should complete the Information Sheet and Candidate Application Form and return them via email to Amy Hall.

Once contact has been made between the Candidate and AfN, the Candidate will recieve a URL Link via email directing them to the online questionnaire. The questionnaire is estimated to take up to 30 minutes in total to complete. Candidates will have 14 days to complete and submit the questionnaire after their course ends.
Please click the document to download the
Course Provider Pack
  Please click the document to download the
Candidate Pack
Closing Date
The Training Evaluation Scheme will close at the end of January 2012

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