Stakeholder Engagement Session - Registered/Associate Nutritionists

UKVRN Registered/Associate Nutritionists were invited to attend the Project’s Stakeholder Engagement Session, chaired by Dr Heather Hartwell, on the afternoon of the 28 February 2011. The session was held at Regents College Conference Centre, in the heart of London's Regents Park.

Registered/Associate Nutritionists are recognised as important stakeholders who play a vital role in the Projects aspirations. The rationale behind the engagement session was to seek Registrant feedback and comments to assist in the Projects developments.

The purpose of the session was to:

      • Engage with Professional Registered/Associate  Nutritionists and encourage networking among delegates
      • Update and inform Registrants about the Third Sector Project’s work and current activities
      • Consult and discuss the draft quality assurance framework (in the early stages of development
      • Obtain constructive feedback and comments related to improving the blueprint and explore how frontline workers can be recognised and valued appropriately
      • Capture ideas and opinions on how professional standards and conduct can be maintained and reinforced at lower levels

The session was also designed to bring together Registered/Associate Nutritionists nationwide from different specialism’s and backgrounds to explore how frontline workers could be recognised and valued for their existing nutritional knowledge and skills and supported further in the future.

At the session, the Project team presented a draft outline of the blueprint currently under consideration. Participants were invited to comment and provide constructive feedback in order to help to shape the future quality assurance framework and service model in order to address how potentially different categories of workers should be recognised appropriately and that there are opportunities for horizontal and/or vertical movement.

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  • Key summary outcomes  
    28 February 2011





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