Applying for AfN Degree Accreditation

Applying for AfN Degree Accreditation

Please note, the AfN Degree Accreditation Scheme applies only to degree programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate). To apply for individual registration with the UKVRN, please see our Apply for Registration section.

Applications for AfN accreditation and reaccreditation may be submitted twice a year, in October and February.  To apply, please select the application form and read the associated guidance below.

Applications for reaccreditation should be submitted at least of six months prior to your re-accreditation deadline, as notified to you in your decision letter.

Please contact the Quality Assurance Manager ( if you would like further information or call 020 3795 8823 (Option 2).

To be considered by our assessors, applications submitted on or before 1 February 2020 must be complete, and for applications for accreditation of new courses (not re-accreditation) fee payment made.

To apply, please complete;

Programme Accreditation Application Form (Word) dated January 2020 

Programme Accreditation Form (PDF) dated January 2020

and refer to Application Guidance dated September 2019

Applicants will also need to refer to;

·    Programme Accreditation Outcomes, Standards and Procedures 

·    Standards of Ethics, Conduct and Performance

·    AfN Accreditation Marketing Rules

Application Form and Documents

All applications must be submitted in the following format: 

  •  An electronic / digital submission emailed to
  • Once sent please email the same email address to confirm the file(s) have been sent.  This is to avoid any large emails getting stuck in the system.
  • Please ensure each page is numbered sequentially and a table of contents included 
  • If providing hyperlinks to additional information please ensure the assessors will be able to access the information. 

Applications are considered by AfN Accreditation Assessors. Assessors make a recommendation to AfN Accreditation Committee, which has delegated authority on behalf of Council to accredit, reaccredit and decline to accredit courses and programmes in nutrition and as part of the assessment process additional information may be required from the applicant.  This process takes a minimum of six months for reaccreditation applications, and may take up to 12 months for new programmes applying for accreditation.

Accreditation Fees and Standard Conditions, applicable from 1st April 2018 
For new programmes applying for AfN accreditation: £2,350 assessment fee to be paid upon application.

AfN accredited programmes: annual accreditation fee: £1,410 payable annually (invoiced in October for 1st April -31st March financial year).  Once accredited, we do not charge accredited courses a fee for periodic reaccreditation.

All fees are non-refundable. Continuing accreditation or eligibility to apply or reapply for accreditation is conditional on payment of the correct accreditation fee and adherence to the Standard Conditions. 

For more information on Accreditation fees and conditions please see ‘Standard Conditions’ (P4.1-4.9) in Programme Accreditation Outcomes, Standards and Procedures. 

In you require an invoice, please contact to indicate your intention to submit an application for an invoice to be raised.  When emailing please ensure you provide the following details;
Full title of programme
Full name and address the invoice should be addressed to.


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