CKP Pilot Workshop - September 2010
The Project developed a series of workshops in order to gain first-hand knowledge from front line nutrition workers. The overall aim of the workshop was to obtain a greater understanding of the primary nutrition workforce at Levels 3 and 4. The activities are designed specifically to evaluate the worker’s daily role, obstacles they face, their career aspirations and motivations. The tasks were aimed to identify the competences the workers required to perform their role, the competences they believed they possess as an individual and the nutritional training and education available to them. Most importantly the interactive workshops engaged with the workers to assess how the staff themselves wished to be recognised and enabled workers to openly share their vision for future opportunities and career progression pathways.

On 3 September 2010 a pilot workshop took place in London, Islington with the organisation Community Kitchens Project.

Community Kitchens Project works with disadvantaged local people and community groups in Islington to promote healthy eating and healthy living, make healthy food more available and also create training and employment opportunities. Community Kitchens Project employs 22 Health Trainers and Community Nutrition Advisors and delivers a variety of programs from 5-a-day Cook and Taste courses to Stepping Stones, a weight loss course for people who are overweight or obese.

Community Nutrition Advisors volunteered to take part in the three hour workshop which included group tasks (on flip charts), individual assessment, questionnaires and also a feedback session. The participants feedback comments included;

“Thank you very much for the interesting workshop, especially highlighting the competencies required at various levels”  

“The workshop was inspirational”

“The workshop was very enjoyable and we have all learnt a lot about our career”

Photos taken from the pilot workshop with Community Kitchens Project can be seen below.


For the Workshop presentation delivered on the day please click here.

The pilot workshop generated successful results including building good relations with our stakeholders. The results and feedback were utilised to re-design the workshop material which is robust and applicable to a broad range of workers.

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