User Panels
User Panels consisted of representatives from various frontline health and social care sectors. There were various different user groups, each representing a particular workforce sector or group of individuals at differing levels of skill (Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5). Multiple User Panels assisted the Project by providing feedback on the quality assurance framework under development to ensure the specific requirements and recommendations were incorporated into the design. Consultations were held to obtain a well-rounded perspective of how frontline workers at Level 1-4 could be recognised for their nutritional skills and knowledge and what appropriate support mechanism should be available.

Health Workforce
The health workforce User Panel included people in Level 3 and 4 nutrition related roles such as Community Food Workers which include occupation titles such as Community Food Educator, Community Food Assistant, Food Development Assistant and Community/Nutrition Assistant). Other roles include Health Trainers, Health Promotion Practitioner or Assistant, Food and Health Facilitator, Weight Management Assistant, Health Coordinator and Community or Health Improvement Officer.

Hospitality Workforce
The hospitality User Panel included the food and beverage sectors as well as catering staff within the workplace, nurseries, schools, community  youth centres and nursing homes.

Social Care Workforce
The social care workforce User Panel consists of a broad range of Level 2 and 3 occupations such as outreach key workers, community support workers, care managers, health visitors and social care assistants.

Medical Professionals
The health professional’s User Panel consisted of professionals from various health and social care disciplines in which nutrition may be an element of their daily work. The User Panel represented professionals from the Midwifery, Nursing, Medical and Dental Profession to name a few.

Registered Nutritionists
The Registered Nutritionists User Panellists were Associate Nutritionists (ANutr), Public Health Nutritionists (PHNutr) and Registered Nutritionists (RNutr). The panel therefore included Nutrition professionals from the NHS, academia, research, industry, media and free lance consultancy.

Vocational Students
The vocational student User Panel consisted of Level 3 and 4 students and potential students contemplating a nutrition related vocational course. Most panelists were working full time in a health related occupation seeking career progression and advancement into nutrition specifically via training (ideally part time or distance learning) and required advice regarding which courses are suitable and credible. Others were looking for a career change into nutrition with plans to become a mature full time degree student.

Interest Group
This group consisted of organisations or individuals who wished to receive updates and remain informed of the Projects achievements and progress. We distributed newsletters and invitations to up and coming Project events.
Project Infrastructure
User Panels

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