Committees & Panels
AfN Council
AfN Council fulfilled the Project role as Senior Responsible Owner responsible for defining scope and content of the Project and accountable for the success of the Project.

Project Steering Committee
The Project was supported by the Steering Committee accountable to AfN Council and which reported progress on a regular basis. The Committee comprised Registered Nutritionists from the Department of Health, public health professionals, communication experts and academics. The Committee met every 6-8 weeks to monitor and steer the Project with the Project Manager and was required to authorise progress and annual reports throughout the Project's lifespan. Its primary role was to make key decisions and supply resources to the Project.

Stakeholder Advisory Panel
The Stakeholder Advisory Panel consisted of high profile partners and stakeholders to provide strategic advice, recommendations and guidance on the context and general outcomes of the Project, and to identify potentially interested parties. The Panel review Project activities on a quarterly basis and was responsible for testing and analysing the quality of the Project outcomes.
Project Infrastructure

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