By achieving the Project's overall aim, we created mechanisms through which frontline staff involved in the delivery of nutritional advice can become more competent in nutrition.

The two main target groups addressed throughout the Project included:

1)  Individuals and groups of workers (Public Health Skills and Career Framework Levels 1-4) who contribute to, but may not focus directly on food and nutrition such as community food workers, health trainers, nutrition assistants, health and social care assistants and catering assistants.

2)  Health and social care professionals who may not focus directly on food and nutrition in their work but nutrition is an element of their daily role such as pharmacists, community nurses and midwives.


Both groups are frontline workers interacting and working directly with the public and possibly within the most disadvantaged parts of society. The Project will also sought to identify a number of cross cutting themes such as weight management and the exercise nutrition workforce.

Workforce Levels
Initially the Project used the Public Health Skills and Career Framework (PHSCF) to identify the levels of the target workforce. The PHSCF is a tool used by various organisations and industries to help plan and develop public health pathways for career progression. It describes knowledge and skills required across all groups and levels of the public health workforce.

There are 9 Levels, from entry Level 1 to expert Level 9. A newly qualified a Registered Associate Nutritionist would normally enter at Level 5/6 as a professional in nutrition. For this Project, the focus is on the workforce at Levels 1 to 4 with lower levels of nutrition knowledge and skills than possessed by those on the UKVRN. Our work to date has included looking at occupations and vocational qualifications at Levels 3 and 4.

Occupation and Education Levels 1 to 9


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